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David Lane playing the piano
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David Lane Music

Lessons online and in-person (Winston-Salem and High Point, NC)

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If you're an aspiring composer of ANY genre, lessons are taught both with staff paper (if appropriate) and using technology. Emphasis on technique. Your style is your own!

Whether you want to learn classical or fiddle styles, we can help you learn the violin or viola.  These lessons are taught online or in person at High Point, NC.

Piano lessons for all ages and all levels!  Lessons are designed based on your goals, not from a template! We'll focus on three things: technique, theory, and repertoire...all different for each student, and YOU have a say in your repertoire!

If you'd like learn to play the harp,  lessons in folk harp or lever harp are a great choice!. It is an instrument with many possibilities different than a pedal harp, but can also serve as a transition to a larger instrument.

Whether you are needing extra help with AP Music Theory, undergraduate level theory courses, counterpoint, orchestration...or you're just interested in the topic, lessons are offered for anything you'd like to study on the topic.

...Then we won't study it!  If you don't know what kind of music you want to learn, I'll suggest some, but we'll learn what you want, and whether you read music, learn from lead sheets, or learn by ear is also up to you!

Are you retired and wishing you had stuck with lessons as a child?  Or maybe you never had the opportunity, and now you get to decide what to invest in for yourself?  You are NEVER too old to start for the first time, or to pick up where you left off!

Besides apps to assist with your learning, lessons can include and even focus on developing skills with professional music apps such as Finale (notation software), and Logic Pro

Testimonials from students and parents

Working with adults

"I have been an adult student of David's for many years.  David challenges yet is very patient and understanding of an individual's needs and abilities.  His teaching methods and examples are structured for any age student, all of whom benefit from his being a gifted pianist and teacher.  As a senior citizen, I have benefitted both mentally and physically. My lessons and practicing are motivating and that provides for emotional well being as well." ~ B. P.

Patience with beginners

"David is exceptionally professional and patient with new adult students. His engagement and interest in each student's growth as well as his acknowledgement of each student's needs and level of accomplishment is sincerely appreciated.  As primarily a singer, I began lessons to be able to understand notation, dynamics and to start to learn how to read music. My goal was to be able to play a melody line in order to teach myself new material for auditions.  I met my goal quickly learning from David." ~ Neil

Pace of the individual

"Mr. Lane began teaching my daughter piano when she was just 5 years old.  He was always patient and kind with her, and adjusted the homework/lessons according to her individual growth or pace.  I would highly recommend Mr. Lane as a piano teacher for any beginner." ~ Lauren

Skills and Confidence

"David has provided me with the tools to develop my skills on the piano. I am gaining more confidence in my knowledge." ~ K.E.

Energy and enthusiasm

"Mr. Lane if very organized and provides appropriate learning experiences to fit the needs of his students. We appreciate his energy, enthusiasm and patience with our young learners" ~ N.R. 

Open doors to a calling

"I am pursuing a music education degree.  Mr. Lane opened the doors to my music career all those years ago." ~ L.K.

Meet Our Teachers

David Lane

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Jennifer Lane

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David has been teaching privately for 24 years.  He is the chair of Composition and Theory for the North Carolina Music Teachers Association, and is vice president for the Winston-Salem Piano Teachers Association. 

In addition to teaching, I have a blog where I share my thoughts on music and musicianship, as well as a podcast called The Musician Toolkit


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