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David Lane, Winston-Salem piano teacher and music composition teacher

Meet David Lane

Hello, and thanks for checking out my page!  I am a composer of many styles including music for films and other visual media, and I also serve as arranger and orchestrator for music from other composers.  Musicianship is a passion, as is helping other musicians develop.  I do this through my blog, my podcast THE MUSICIAN TOOLKIT with DAVID LANE, and my teaching services which include private and small group lessons in piano, composition, music theory, and musicianship coaching.  If you're a fan of theatre musicians, also check out my other podcast: LIFE IN THE PIT.

A Little More About Me and What I Offer

I have been a composer since I was 16 years old.  I studied composition with Dr. William Schirmer at Jacksonville University, and film music with veteran film composer David McHugh at University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

I have composed over 100 concert works, several films, and been the arranger for several dozen works.  I have a partnership with Brad Bass and Cari Joy, having collaborated on the musicals for The Collins Boy and The Velveteen Rabbit as well as the short film musical, Gretel & Hansel.  Check out some of my music here.

I have been an instructor since 2000, am scheduled to serve as Vice President of the Winston-Salem Piano Teachers Association starting in the summer of 2023, and currently am the Chair of Composition and Theory for the North Carolina Music Teachers Association.  I specialize in teaching piano to adult beginners, teaching music theory to all ages, and offering some conventional as well as non-conventional approaches to learning composition.  More information about my teaching studio can be found here.

My first podcast, Life In the Pit, begin in the summer of 2020, and features interviews with musicians around the world who play for musical theatre, including several active Broadway musicians.  My more recent podcast, The Musician Toolkit, began in January 2023, and focuses on the 20 Tools of Musicianship, how to develop them, and how to use them to gain employment in a variety of musical jobs.

I also am available for miscellaneous jobs such as creating performance tracks for musical theatre productions, as well as transcribing and/or arranging for songwriters.


How can I help you?  Let's connect!

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